Marie-Louise Scio is the Creative Director and Manager of the Pellicano group.

As such, she has created a bespoke unique luxury experience, a multilayered immersive universe that goes beyond the 5 star hotel stay. A culture that is born of the hotel’s heritage and resonates throughout the stay and beyond, across fine art publications that explore the Pellicano’s culture, intimate conversations with the world’s influencers and tastemakers, aspirational imagery reverberating virally through social media channels.

Today Marie-Louise is making her expertise available to others by launching MLScio Consulting, a company that aims at reproducing the success of the Pellicano approach. MLScio creative consulting will develop bespoke strategies aiming at creating a unique culture around hospitality and real estate projects. Having grown on the Pellicano grounds and being an avid traveler who enjoyed the back-road bed and breakfast of India as much as it’s 5 star hotels, Marie-Louise graduated from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. She has the knowledge of the operator, the mind of the architect, and the critical eye of the well-travelled guest. In the past 5 years, Marie-Louise has managed to drastically reposition her family’s properties, making both Hotel Il Pellicano and La Posta Vecchia two of the most sought after luxury destinations in the world. She has achieved this by carefully curating and orchestrating every aspect of the guest’s experience, from the general concept of the hotels, their interior design, the seamless service, to the choice of music and the culinary experience, achieving that elusive quality that people look for everywhere: Personality and content, that memorable special and intimate moment that reverberates well beyond a good night’s sleep.

While maintaining her role at Pellicano hotels and growing the company MLScio will assist new and existing properties in creating a true and unique culture that will help them achieve their full potential in terms of experience, occupation and revenue. Having access to the world’s most sought after artists in the fields of architecture, interiors, photography, film, graphic design, fashion and music, she will assemble unique teams around each project to help her execute each unique vision.

For each project she will craft a bespoke strategy that will encompass:


Creative direction

Design & content

Concept and Strategy development

Brand development

Marketing and PR

Ideation and Implementation of innovative guest services and experiences

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